Processing & Shipping:

Carriers - GRAMMAR ships via USPS mail services.

Handling - In stock products are packed & shipped within 1-3* business days after an order is placed. - Made to order & custom pieces take 10-14 business days to process and ship.

*Please note that GRAMMAR is a small brand with 1-2 (usually 1!) people on staff doing ALL the things to make this sweet little business run. If you need a rush on your order, kindly send a request to grammardesigns@gmail.com to see if your order can be shipped sooner. Thanks!


Product FAQ:

GRAMMAR puts great care into its product.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

The pieces are ceramic. What if I break it?

Pieces are designed and made knowing there's a possibility of breaking (although rare!), but we love the benefits of the material!  If you break a piece, rest assure that we will repair or replace it.  Just send us an email with a pic of the broken piece & we’ll take it from there! It’s a ‘Piece of Mind’ policy. 

Why is the line called GRAMMAR???

We LOVE this question!  Designer/maker, Sarah Abend, studied metalsmithing (jewelry design) in college
and OFTEN referenced a book called, The Grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones.  It's a great study & reference for design 
motifs from cultures around the world.  Ever since then, Sarah knew she'd name her jewelry line GRAMMAR.  
Personal style choices communicate something about us... a sort of 'visual grammar'.

“True beauty results from that repose which the mind feels when the eye,
the intellect, and the affections, are satisfied from the absence of any want.”
– Owen Jones“

What materials are used?

All parts, except for the chain and clasps, are ceramic (clay).
The ceramic material used is a white clay body, similar to porcelain.  
However, our clay doesn't need to be fired to the same temperature as porcelain.  
Therefore, needing to use less energy.  More info about this below : )
The chain & clasps are brass, lead and nickel free.  

Which parts are made by GRAMMAR?

All of the ceramic parts are made in house, by hand.  
Brass chain is outsourced from small business  vendors in the United States.  
We are currently looking into using recycled silver and/or gold chain in our efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.

Are the pieces heavy?

NOOOO! This is one of the benefits of using ceramic! It's SUPER lightweight! Most of the pieces in the line weight less than a United States quarter!


***If you have more questions, please contact us here.