The NEW Mission

GRAMMAR is a collective effort for change, crafting handmade ceramic jewelry that tells stories of individuality and impact. We recognize the ecological crisis and actively oppose overconsumption by offering a purposeful alternative through timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship.

As a fundraising platform, GRAMMAR plans to support small, local businesses working to transform consumer habits, raise awareness, and promote sustainable living. By dedicating our profits to providing these businesses with essential marketing services through our partner company, Collective Good, we hope to amplify their missions and create far-reaching positive transformation. Summer of 2024, we will be in a Beta phase to test if we can make enough in sales to support the mission.

When you choose GRAMMAR, you invest in a better future and join a community of conscious consumers who believe in the power of their choices. Together, we can advocate for positive change, one purposeful piece at a time.

Speaking of pieces... through this mission we are working with our suppliers to gain more transparency in the supply chain for our products. So, what are you waiting for? Shop with purpose.

Our Story

Since 2015, it has been a goal to offer something very different in the jewelry world. With lightweight, high quality, limited quantity, pieces, GRAMMAR exists to help those on a conscientious consumer journey consider how their wardrobe and accessories play a role in their efforts.

GRAMMAR is a studio based, ceramic jewelry line, inspired by the need to slow down the apparel industry. Designing for versatility, GRAMMAR provides customers with distinctive, timeless, lightweight pieces that are intended to be worn often, becoming wardrobe staples for years to come.

What we choose to wear is tied to our values and individuality. In a world of mass consumption and overproduction, GRAMMAR holds to the tradition of making something by hand, in small batches, designing for conscientious people who are passionate about leading ethical lives, while supporting small businesses. 


ceramic clay jewelry marian dangle earrings

Artisan & Architecture Inspired

Artisan made by founder and designer, Sarah Abend, pieces are individually handcrafted out of ceramic clay. Ceramics is a centuries old technique and is chosen as a material, because it is still one of the most natural, beautiful and durable options available today.

Pieces are hand cut, assembled and produced in small batches in Michigan, while sourcing most raw material regionally. Customers are encouraged to care for their pieces by cleaning, repairing and servicing pieces as needed, by sending them in to GRAMMAR.

Many of the designs are inspired by buildings on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki.


Sarah Abend


After studying fashion, metalsmithing & sculpture, in Detroit, Michigan, Sarah sought a way to combine her skills into something that could be shared and used personally. The result is a jewelry line that focuses on simple forms that communicate a distinctive, refined statement.

"Visual things that we're attracted to communicate our innermost self and identity.  This idea is at the heart of GRAMMAR."