A Chat w/ Meaghan Keck of Birch Affair

A Chat w/ Meaghan Keck of Birch Affair

"I love her brain." 

(I didn't say that. Photographer, Khalid Ibrahim coined that phrase about Meaghan and I could NOT agree more. I love her brain too.)

I interviewed Meaghan Keck, prop stylist & event planner of Birch Affair, live last fall, as the first in a series of interviews, archived under the GRAMMAR SCHOOL blog & the IGTV section of Instagram. Meaghan has done lots of styling for GRAMMAR and her outcomes are spot on with the vision. You can go directly to the video interview here and/or read more about it below. Please bare with me in the slow beginning of the video, it was my first IG live!

(Styling: Meaghan Keck / Photo: Khalid Ibrahim)

"I know that I can’t take my personal loves out of business."

"So much of my personal life is really connecting with people on a deeper level. I love people’s stories, I love the why, I love all of the behind the scenes things that either get them to an event, a product launch or why they started their business."

Meaghan is ALL love. She genuinely puts her whole heart into her work and it shows. Our chat centered around the topics of community, collaboration & the creative process and the importance of supporting small businesses, now more that ever.

(Styling & Photo by: Meaghan Keck)


Meaghan is a prop stylist and event designer with a love for evoking emotions and awakening the senses through visual storytelling. Meaghan works with brands to create visual imagery for editorial, web, and social platforms. To break it down - she styles photos to amplify a product. Meaghan lives in Detroit, loves nature, community, summer, and will never turn down chocolate. I couldn't be more excited to have crossed paths with Meaghan. She has grown with me professionally over the years and breaths magic into the prop styling of GRAMMAR. 

(Styling: Meaghan Keck / Photo: Khalid Ibrahim)


(Screen shot from our live. Click the image for a link to the 35 min talk.)

What's up with GRAMMAR SCHOOL?

'School' is a place for people to gather around a topic and share ideas. You can look forward to real, honest, behind the scenes conversations with other indie designers, mostly jewelers. I let them decide what they'd like to discuss. I hope you'll join us! To find out when these chats occur, follow GRAMMAR on Instagram and/or sign up for the newsletter on the bottom/footer of this website.

(The real real real reason behind this project is a reason for us to connect during these unprecedented covid times. We miss each other.)


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